• Nodal rate budget

    Hey, I was wondering how could i extract the rate budget of mass/fluid per node from a specified node range? it is very easy to extract that info for a bunch of nodes, or a single node, but i couldn't find a way to do it for every node within a specified range separately. Thanks in advance Adam
  • Long simulation time (thousands of years) crashes due to mass transport computation issues

    Hey. I am trying to run a variably saturated, mass transport model. The goal is to recreate glacial / interglacial groundwater simulations of saltwater intrusion. however, the model will always end up stuck in a loop where an area gets excessively concentrated areas (different areas in the transition zone each time), where I end up with a tiny area that has impossible concentrations, as well as negative concentrations at the landward side. I have tried to make a smaller mesh, and to make the time series of the sea level rise and fall in constant steps to reduce computation costs. I guess my question is, if anyone has prior experience with this type of issues, how to make a transient state model not to loop due to mass transport issues, and how to make such a model run for thousands of years, without it actually taking thousands of years. Adam