Posted Wed, 15 May 2024 08:20:33 GMT by adam zonshine
Hey, I was wondering how could i extract the rate budget of mass/fluid per node from a specified node range? it is very easy to extract that info for a bunch of nodes, or a single node, but i couldn't find a way to do it for every node within a specified range separately. Thanks in advance Adam
Posted Thu, 16 May 2024 07:01:09 GMT by x Huang
This should be achievable with ifm. You can refer to this example [FEFLOW 8.0 Documentation - Compute Budget []] and make modifications accordingly, simply by altering the budgetNodes, you can measure each node individually. For instance, you could obtain each node's number from the selected list: # The selected name should be consistent with the one in the GUI interface. nodes_sel = doc.getSelectionItems(ifm.Enum.SEL_NODAL, "select") for i in range(len(nodes_sel)): print(nodes_sel[i])

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