• time steps - dac file - budgets


    I’m running a transient groundwater-heat transport model over 365 days. I’d like to calculate rate budgets for daily values. In the problems settings I chose automatic time step control – because with a constant time step of 1 day, the simulation did not converge at some time steps (maybe too low number of maximum iterations?).
    If I now produce the .dac-file for all simulated time steps (e.g. about 680 steps in my case due to automatic time step control), can I somehow calculate/export the rate budget for daily values from the dac-file, or would I have to calculate the daily values e.g. from the exported txt-file “by hand”?
    If I produce a dac-file with user defined time steps (only 365 days), then the intermediate time steps are skipped and the budget will be biased somehow.
    Can someone help?


  • Heat transport BC at pumping wells (with time-varying BC)

    Hi everyone,

    I’m setting up a heat transport model with several pumping wells, which will get a Dirichlet boundary condition for the heat transport. If pumping rates are zero, there are two possible ways to handle the temperature BC, right?:
    - Deactivate the temperature boundary conditions by inserting gaps in the temperature time series for each well (which will take time for multiple wells)
    - Use the “SetHeatBC2” Plugin, which removes the boundary condition in case of no pumping
    Is this correct, or are there other possibilities, which I’m not aware of?

    Thanks for your help

  • Re: Adding nodes into an existing model for new wells

    Thank you for your help Peter.

  • Re: Adding nodes into an existing model for new wells

    Hi Peter (and everyone who can help),

    although this topic has been posted some time ago, I was wondering how adding new nodes to an existing mesh can be done in Feflow version 6.2 (p7)?

    Thanks for your help!