• BC on symmetry plane


    I'm going to set up a 3D plane symmetric model. Is it ok to define discrete 1D elements along the symmetry plane to simulate a well? Anything to consider when doing so?

    Thank you, Torsten
  • Re: tracer recovery

    Thank you, Pete,

    I didn't followed my thread after a longer while anymore until last week. Yes, it was a simple "2.5D"-case :) just to learn a bit about the switches in Feflow (not even thought as 3D).

    Thanks for your suggestions - now I understood (????) the multilayer well BC thing. It seems to work well as a flow BC, but also seems to have problems to distribute the solute fast enough along the vertical well (in my case ~16 m). According to the manual 3 m^2 is the cross sectional area and 2e-6 m/s is the internal hydraulic conductivity in the well. Is that sufficient to describe a high conductive well tube or wouldn't be defining a high conductive 1D discrete element and tuning conductivity bit more well-alike?

    Thx, Torsten
  • Re: QGis is great


    Some time ago I was looking for 3D kriging in R, which was impossible that time. Is it now?

    Otherwise Gslib could do it also. However, I had problems with the Gslib-Version from the book of Deutsch as well. Luckily I have an alternative (Gocad).

    But, anyone knows a free "home" solution...?

  • tracer recovery


    (I'm new to Feflow...)
    for a simple model set up...
        --> 1 layer (confined)
        --> 2 wells: 1 injection, 1 extraction (set as well bc)
        --> tracer impuls at injection well (set as well bc, with time function)

    I need to compute the tracer recovery in the extraction well. What would be the method of choise in Feflow?

    [u]Additional question:[/u]
    To assign the well bc's for the current model I assigned 50% of the fluxes to both, the nodes of the top and bottom slice (summing up to 100%). This is probably not the usual way...?

    If I want to assign well bc's to a multi-layer model. To which nodes of the individual layers I specify the individual conditions? Or would be defining source/sink in material properties more appropriate?

    Thank you, Torsten

  • Re: Feflow on Linux

    --> put all *deb files into one directory and as root do:

    dpkg -i *.deb

    Without modification the classic interface does not work as the motif-lib in Debian 6.0 is newer than in Debian 5.0. Until there is no Feflow package for Debian 6.0 linking the newer as the old motif library seems to work (suggestion from developer):
    ln -s libXm.so.4 libXm.so.3

  • Feflow on Linux


    I'd like to use Feflow on my Linux system (Debian 6.0). From the download section of the Feflow web page I downloaded the respective iso-image. However, the supported platform list has no entry for Debian 6.0, but Debian 5.0. Has anyone  tried the packages for Debian 5.0 on a Debian 6.0 system? Do I have to adjust something? What is the general installation procedure - copy shell scripts "dinst" and "aksusbd.debian" in the package folder and run "dist"?

    Thank you,