• MIKE URBAN Reporting Tool walkthrough.

    I have written a walkthrough showing how to generate a report using the MIKE URBAN Reporting Tool. It shows an example of making a report with different data for pump stations (dimensions, model results etc.). The walkthrough is attached as a pdf.
  • Re: Scenario Manager has been closed

    Hi Lars

    I am not sure what causes the error but I have seen it before and one workaround can be to export your model to XML in the Import/Export wizard and reimport the XML to a new model. This has previously solved the problem as it clears the scenario manager.

    Regards Henrik Løcke
  • Re: # of links connected to each node

    Hi Robert

    The upstream and downstream node will be stored in the msm_Link table after running the Project Check Tool. You can generate a list of downstream and upstream links for each node by running the following two SQL statements in the Query Design (SQL view) editor in Access. They must be run separately.

    SELECT msm_Node.MUID, msm_Link.FROMNODE
    FROM msm_Node INNER JOIN msm_Link ON msm_Node.MUID = msm_Link.FROMNODE;

    SELECT msm_Node.MUID, msm_Link.FROMNODE
    FROM msm_Link INNER JOIN msm_Node ON msm_Link.TONODE = msm_Node.MUID;

    Regards Henrik Løcke