• Re: FEPEST - Head Difference

    'Difference between values' doesn't seem an option. I also couldn't see 'difference between values' in the 'Observation' section of FePest 7.1 (build 4).

    IFM would be the option for the problem. Is there a sample code for interacting with FePest through IFM?

    Thanks again.
  • Re: FEPEST - Head Difference

    Thanks Bjorn. Yes I am referring head difference between two time steps. Let's say observation 1 has heads at different times with values of h1, h2, h3, h4 etc... I am looking for h1-h2, h1-h3, h1-h4 etc On the other hand hand observation 2 has heads starting from a different time say 12 - like h12, h13, h14, 15 etc... in this case it will be h12-h13, h12-h14, h12-h15 etc. Different observations will start at different times. I am looking for the difference between their first time and the subsequent values.
  • FEPEST - Head Difference

    FEPEST allows to use head, topo minus head, etc as an observation to compare with the simulated value. It doesn't allow to include head difference (increment) as an observation. What is the work flow to use head difference as observation? Should it be implemented as IFM observation or there are alternatives?
  • Re: Pilot Point Representation

    Thanks Bjorn.
  • Pilot Point Representation

    I have an alluvial aquifer distributed in three layers. Spatially the aquifer occurs on different locations in the three layers within interbeded aquitard layers (e.g. layer 1 contains only east aquifer etc layer 2 partly aquitard etc). I wanted to represent this aquifer using pilot points. I created pilot points - X, Y and Slice on the three layers. Is using a single zone for the entire aquifer and putting pilot points on different slices a good way to represent this system? I am intending to use 2D Pilot Points with all layer variable option.
  • Re: programming with Python

    I was long awaiting the use of Python in IFM plugin development. I am glad to try the python interface.
  • IfmBool

    I am reposting this from the Feflow wish list question posted by mistake over there.

    I would appreciate it if someone gives me a direction how to declare the IfmBool in the following function.

    double IfmGetResultsTransportMassValueAtXYZ(
      IfmDocument pDoc,
      double x,
      double y,
      double z,
      IfmBool *ine);

    I have declared the values of x, y and z as normal cpp variables. I have declared the last one as: IfmBool *ine; however, the function tells me that it has to be initialized.

    IfmGetResultsTransportMassValueAtXYZ(x, y, z, ine) says it needs initializing the ine variable. How to declare the IfmBool variable?

  • Scatter plot of observed and simulated heads

    Is it possible to compare observed and simulated heads using scatter plots (with some basic statistics calculation) in FEFLOW 6 like the one in Visual MODFLOW? How to import the observed heads (x, y coordinates and slice location of the observed heads)? Is it possible to locate screen location between slices? Thank you before hand!
  • Re: Phreatic model

    Thank you that answers my question.
  • Phreatic model

    I have SS model with 5 layers: phreatic, unspe., unspe., unspe., unspe., fixed modes. The simulation result for the first slice shows head larger than topography. How can this happen in FEFLOW?