• Crop particles to zero-pressure surface?

    Is there a way to crop particle paths when they go above the zero-pressure iso-surface? The reason for this is that I have a model that is being ran in a fully confined configuration as a proxy to an unconfined system (there are numerical issues with the unconfined version) and I would like to find out how far the particles go before they hit what would be approximately equivalent to the water table.

  • Impossible to interpolate Material Properties?


    Is it possible to interpolate material properties in FEFLOW? It works fine for any nodal property, but I cannot get an interpolation to work for an elemental property. I have an interpolated K distribution resulting from a pilot point PEST approach, but I would like to make a couple of manual adjustments whilst maintaining a smoothed interpolated K distribution. How can I do this? I had tried to do this with external software and then re-import the new interpolated data, but FEFLOW does not seem to want to import XYZ data for Kriging of elemental values.