• Re: Longitudinal dispersivity

    Thanks for your help "fdc"
  • Longitudinal dispersivity


    I understand that longitudinal dispersivity is dispersivity along mass flux direction, but I dont understand how to calculate this value. The manual states that it is scale dependent, but the equation they use is rather perplexing. Any help in the calculation of this value would be greatly appreciated.


    drew dressler
  • Re: flow initials-hydraulic head values


    Hey! thanks!! Ok i'll try that one. From the sound of the directions i'm going to be asking you a few more questions once i've started.


    I have a .dac file I open up in FEFLOW 6.0. I'm tring to export a video of this. BUt when I use the "Export AVI form Active View" button, it only records the mass concentration values and the rest of the screen is black. Any suggestinons?


  • flow initials-hydraulic head values

    Hello all-

    im working with a model with rougly 2000 colums and 300 rows. is there a way to import what the head values are supposed to be initially without going row by row node by node? ie import an excel sheet with the values
  • Discretization-FEFLOW CLASSIC

    hello all,

    I'm wanting to change my element heights within my rectangular elements within FEFLOW-CLASSIC. I want to keep a constant width of .1m. But depending on the row I want the heights to vary from .1m to .2m. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.


    drew dressler
  • Re: Salinity concentration problem.

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for the response. The in/outflow on top would make sense. I'm just having trouble with the concentration boundary condition. Are you meaning like the mass transport controls?


    Drew D
  • Salinity concentration problem.

    Hello all,

    I've been trying to figure out how to input salinity values and havent been able to. I'm sure i'm overlooking a basic function but cant seem to get it. My model basically has an inflow of salt water through the bottom and when it goes through the upper boundary if looses the salt through evap. Cant seem to figure out how to accomplish this. ANy help with the situation would be greatly appreciative.

    Thanks in advance,