• Changing license without admin rights

    Corporate users are more and more limited in access/usage rights on their PC-s. Much of Mike software needs admin rights to install or to change components. In my case, I need to change the license I use from time to time, but to my knowledge, this is not possible without admin access. The particular problem I experienced is that my DHI products use a network license by standard, which works fine as long as I have rapid connection to my company servers. But if I want to switch to a local dongle (using DHI License Management), I just can't do it. Any workarounds or suggestions how to solve this? Shortly: how to swich between network license to local dongle License without admin access on the PC.

    After some troubleshooting with our IT department I have even more questions now. Regardless of how I start DHI License Management software (admin or not admin) I get stuck with an unusual non-windows standard question about providing an admin username an password.
  • Re: M11 Cross-section Data Import

    Is there a way to automate the import-export procedure without manually opening the files in MikeZero and clicking the menus?

    I'd like to generate a large number of xns11 files from one original by changing values of
      1. z of marker 2
      2. relative resistance(s)
      3. x of marker 1 and 3

    My procedure would look like this:
      1. Convert (export) the original xns11 to ascii (txt)
      2. Look for and replace the original values with the new ones
      3. Convert (import) the new, large number of ascii (txt) files back to xns11-s

    I would like to write this in a macro or batch file. So my question relates to points 1 and 3 above. Any ideas how could this be done?
  • Hydraulic reference

    Does anybody know where can I download the latest Mike 11 hydraulic reference manual from mikebydhi.com?