• Re: Flow Equation

    I am still not clear about the equation

    pl can u check the doc file I have attached as I was unable to type the equation is this
  • Re: Flow Equation

    Just elaborating my point:
    Is the Dupuit-Forchheimer approximation taken into account for unconfined aquifer flow modeling  in FEFLOW?
    if yes then is it not a 2D flow??
  • Flow Equation

    Is there a 3D flow for unconfined aquifer?
  • Free surface vs pheretic

    A 3D unconfined aquifer should have the top surface as free  and moving  surface  on top slice or pheretic?
  • top slice setting in unconfined aquifer

    I set the top slice of my unconfined domain as free and movable. After runnimg the model in Feflow 5.2, for multi species for 100 years,
    I wanted to check the model  further so from the .dac file i go to the fem file after rehas command but the properties such as reaction rate and henrys coeff all changed,
    All chemical species now had same value of reaction rate and coeff as the first species.
    this however does not happen when I use the top slice as pheretic.
    pl can u explain this ??
  • Re: addin point

    o.k , but it does not take all the nodes, foer e.g. i put nodes at every50m interval but it took only the nodes at 100m while meshing, why??
  • addin point

    We are using FEFLOW 5.2, I want put add-in points on the boundary. But when i use F2 to assign the addin points, It does not accept the points Why?
    When I used F2 in "continue point design it accepts.
    But then in fine meshing these addinpoints on the boundary are not taken.
  • equation for 3d flow in unconfined aquifer

    pl can u tell me the equation used for 3d flow in unconfined aquifer.
    I checked the reference manual but am confused. pl someone state the equation
  • Re: unit of vel in m2/day

    I am still confused
    the vel is specified as m2/day in 2D flow in unconfined aquifers.
    my second question is what is the significance of the arrow in legends of other aqrifer properties viz storativity,porosity etc?
  • unit of vel in m2/day

    why is unit of groundwater vel given in m2/day? in 2d flow module?
    Also what is the significance of the arrow given at the end of all flow properties legands, like storativity,porosity etc?