• Re: Null space Monte Carlo with FePest?

    Hi Carlos,

    Can you please briefly explain the procedure to setup MC analysis in FEFPEST? Do we need to calibrate the model first. I am using pilot points with Tikhnov regularization for optimization. Then with optimizied parameters we need to setup MC or there is different work flow. Please write clearly because it would be interesting for many on this forum.

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  • Re: Optimization against groundwater inflow and outflow

    Dear Carlos,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I have to incorporate these fluxes as parameter instead of observations. I tried to learn from your previous post about how to implement IFM but frankly I never used FEFLOW by IFM. Therefore, if you could write in more detail about how to perform all these steps for adding Fluxes as parameters using IFM in FePEST?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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  • Optimization against groundwater inflow and outflow

    Dear All,

    As asked by Mr Ali in one of the questions, I have to ask a similar question. I have to use groundwater inflow and outflow (BC's) as an estimation parameters in FePEST for a regional groundwater flow model. I am unable to understand how to define GW inflow and outflow in parameter definition in FePEST before starting calibration process against GW heads? Please write the procedure to do this operation as I am really stuck at this point and no information is available from FePEST tutorial on this particular issue.

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