• Finding step by step tutorials


    in my classes with Mike Urban and Mike Flood I have done with students tutorials that can be found in the user manuals. Now with Mike+ I cannot find them.  When you install Mike+ you have the option of installing examples, and in data folders I see a lot of data that is rain, piping etc data for these examples. Only in product documentation I fail to find where the examples are explained.
    Can someone point them out please. Tomorrow I would like to do a water distribution example...if I find the instructions.  r Hannu
  • Shape editing software

    Sorry if this question is easy (I hope so) I did do a search on the terms and found no hits.  When within mike She under model domain and grid i choose catchment defined by shape file, and then try to edit the shape, windows popup opens stating "how do you want to open this file?...without offering any software only a link to windows store.

    Which program should here open? I can then forward the info to our ICT folks.  I recall this worked years back but maybe it was 2014 software version.

    thanks Hannu
  • Template for DWA procedure A131 (2000)

    I recall I had at one instance a model template for ASM3 that gave same sludge amount etc as the German A131 std that was revised in 2000, in a different modelling program. Irecall it was called ASM3bioPM (ASM3 with biological phosphorus removal, modified [to coincide with the german standard]. Can this be found from within West?

    TX!  Hannu
  • Re: Removing analysis parameters

    Thanks Filip!

    First I didnt see my parameters so I couldnt remove them. Then success. For other users as well: You have separate analysis parameters for steady state and dynamic simulations. One type is not visible when the "sheet" of the other type is chosen in control center.
  • Removing analysis parameters

    I have used the two Asu example to build a model of the local WWTP. It has out1.COD TKN and TSS as parameters in effluent quality analysis. I have added out2 at some point, from which the effluent comes, and removed out1 totally.  In dynamic simulation I get error "The following Analysis Parameters and Variables are no longer available and should be removed from the Analysis:...list of those three parameters"

    How can I remove these? I have not found a way.  r Hannu
  • Re: UCT_PWM_SA warnings

    I have this error message now..."Non-existent key in manager: ManagerQuantity, .out_1.COD". I changed the AD block which I had taken from UCT_PWM_SA template to the one that is included in ASM1Temp block library (there was some info on this in an old post), with no effect. I could not attach the layout pic I wanted but maybe You can give some hints?  r Hannu
  • UCT_PWM_SA warnings

    I am starting to build a model including an anaerobic reactor and found the above example with ADM1 thought i could use as a starting point. The model however gives some high and low level warnings when i run it (7 days steady state). Is this normal or should I adjust some default parameters, for example?

    With Kind Regards  Hannu P