• Subdomain rate budget

    I am currently working on a transport model. Flow and transport are transient.
    I would like to know the amount of contaminant flowing through a specific vertical surface. For that purpose I have defined a first selection of elements that I use as the boundary-budget domain and a second selection used as a masking domain. I end up with a value of internal transfer flow using the "Subdomain boudary rate budget" but for each time step at a time.
    Now, I would like to have this flow value for every time steps and not only for one time step at a time. The best would be to export these values automaticaly. I do not see any export option.
    The Period budget would give access to this export option for all the time steps but it will not give me the opportunity to ask the flow through the surface (boundary domain) I have defined.
    Is it possible to export the data I need ?
    Thank you for your help.
  • Help :

    I am currently running Feflow 5.312 on a brand new computer.
    I would like to draw a superelement mesh either by drawing or by snapping points to a background map. However, after drawing one superelement and zooming in elsewhere, but then the background maps disappears.
    The drawing option is set to transparent, the mesh drawing is set to 'no gray filling'. I tried to save, load, unload, zoom in, zoom out, relaod the maps... Still the same white screen.
    The resolution of my computer is set to the maximum (1280*800 pixels).
    Any ideas, I can't move on.