• Re: Pumping Test in fractured aquifer (double porosity)

    Thanks for your answer Mr. Schätzel,

    If I understand correctly, a horizontal (2D) fracture inserted as a discrete element will be located along the faces of finite elements. Does that mean that this fracture will behave as an individual layer located between the upper and lower layers ? or will it be located inside (in the middle of) one layer ?

    I guess I may be able to simulate matrix-fracture exchanges by inserting a horizontal fracture between two layers having the same flow properties? This would be a sort of double porosity approach, which could work. I will try.


  • Pumping Test in fractured aquifer (double porosity)

    Dear all,

    I would like to simulate a pumping test that I have made in a fractured aquifer. The real data has been interpreted as a double porosity aquifer, [i]i.e.[/i] a medium where the fractures play a transmissive role, and the matrix a capacitive role. Hence, the flow comes first from the fractures, and then gradually from the matrix.

    I am a little familiar with Feflow, and from what I have read, I have to use discrete elements to simulate fractures. Anyway, will it be possible to have both flows (fracture AND matrix) in Feflow with different hydraulic properties in the same layer ? Or will I have to superpose thin layers (one for fractures and one for matrix) ?

    Any advice would be great !!!

    Thanks, and all the best,

    Johan  :)