• Multi-layer well - can't assign?


    I'm trying to use the new multi-layer well interface, but I can't get it to apply the boundary condition. I'm following the multi-layer workflow in the help files, but the validate button doesn't do anything and the assign button remains greyed out. The method I used:
    [list type=decimal]
    [li]In the Data panel, activate Boundary Conditions (BC) > Fluid flow > Multilayer Well with a double click.[/li]
    [li]Use the tools provided in the Selection toolbar to create a join-edge selection at the multilayer-well location.[/li]
    [li]Double-click into the input box of the Editor toolbar that is now in Multilayer-Well assignment mode to open the Multilayer Well Editor dialog.[/li]

    At this point I have the window as seen in the file attached. I can't progress any further at this point. Any ideas?

    Also, I don't recall the specific storativity option before. Does this overwrite the Ss value at the node that is applied via the material properties? If this box is not checked does the well then use the material properties value?


  • Re: Unstructured Mesh - Confined vs Unconfined?

    Thanks Bjorn!
  • Unstructured Mesh - Confined vs Unconfined?

    I noticed after creating an unstructured mesh that the layer definitions for confined/unconfined are no longer available. How does FEFLOW treat this now that the layer options are gone? Is the model forced to be fully confined? If so, does that mean that the model can no longer go dry and that negative pressure heads would be the only way of estimating where the model would have gone dry if it were unconfined? Is the only way to model unconfined conditions to use the variably saturated approach?