• PID-Control

    Hi all

    For my master thesis I am investigating the potential using the retention capacity of a sewer system. To regulate the system I tried to use gates. However so far none of my attempts to implement a control mechanism were succesful :-(
    At first I am trying to control a gate with a PID-controller to get a constant discharge of 210 l/s. (I know this would be possible using local controls in the link. However I will need more functions later on and therefore have to do it using the control module.)
    I tried to get all the important information of my setup on a screenshot. Q MS is a discharge sensor located in the link following the gate.

    [quote]Fehler 551 : Eine oder mehrere Kontrollfunktionen in Anwendung 'KS 103' passen nicht zu den gewählten Anwendungs- und Kontrolltypen.

    So far I have tried many different methods, however none have worked. :-( Could anybody give me some tips on what I am doing wrong?
    Also I would be thankful for any documentation about the controlling module. The chaptre about it in the manual is rather brief and not of much help when configuring a PID. Thanks for any advice in advance!  Hagi