• RE: FEFLOW7.2- FEPEST- Numpy missing dependency

    Hello Samia,<br> I have kind of same issue now! I am trying to develope an script in order to add IFM-Implemented observation points in FEPEST at which I want to measure flow rate budget.<br> I am able to write the script in an external python interpreter but it doesn't work inside FEFLOW7.5! FEFLOW doesn't know numpy package and I have to import it because I want to manipulate measured observation at each iteration.<br> May you tell me how can I solve this issue please? How did you manage to write an script without any library.<br> I will be grateful if you help me.<br> Bests,<br> Benyamin&#160;
  • RE: How to Use IFM-Implemented Observations in FePEST?

    Hello&#160;<br> Despite being a very old post! it is my case now. I have a question regarding IFM-Implemented:<br> <br> Can I write my python code in an external python interpreter? Then put .py in FELOW directory?<br> I have an issue with FEFLOW scripting menu, It is not as flexible as a python interpreter. for example I can not import numpy to manupolate fmo file.&#160;<br> I will be grateful if you help me.<br> Bests<br> Benyamin<br> &#160;