• System error when simulating a Biofilter

    Hi everyone,  I am new to using WEST and encountering an issue while attempting to model a batch-fed biofilter with resting periods. After the start of the steady state simulation, when the time was 0.1222 d, I encountered the following error message: "System error: Error while executing simulation experiment, reading input file, or evaluating lower and upper bounds".  I didn´t encounter any issues when uploading the influent file, and I was able to successfully generate both steady state and dynamic in and out values.  I have double-checked my input file format and reviewed the simulation settings. Despite these efforts, I am still unable to proceed with the simulation.  If anyone has encountered a similar error or has insights into resolving this issue, I would greatly appreciate your assitance. Additionally, any tips or guidance on modeling batch-fed biofilters in WEST would be immensely helpful.  Thank you in advance!  Belén Arévalo 
  • Re: Modifying the ASM1Temp

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    I am not sure if I understood it correctly: I can modify something in the wwtp.definitions.msl file to correct my error?
    I am trying to do something about it, but in the wwtp.definitions.msl file I can't find the #ifdef StandardCategoryModels, and I don't know what to do exactly. Could you please help me with that?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Modifying the ASM1Temp

    Good afternoon,

    I am trying to modify the ASM1Temp removing the nitrification and denitrification to create a model only for carbon removal (is that possible?). For that I created a new catergory and instance and modified the Gujer Matrix following the steps of the "Create a new Category" and "Add a New Component" youtube videos. But, when I check if there are not mistakes by clicking on the button "Chek Instance", the system gives me an error (I attached the screenshot). I saw that in one of those videos, the autor says that in order to check successfully the instance, some changes of the library  have to be made first, and that he will explain those changes in another video. I looked for that video in youtube but I couldn´t find it. I read here in the forum that someone else had similiar problems and in the reply there is a link to the "Work on the Conversion Model (Gujer Matrix)" but it is not available anymore, the link goes to the "Non-ideal mixing: tracer test" video.
    Thus, I kindly ask if anyone could provide the video, or the steps that I should follow to solve the problem. Also, if I am correct trying to model the carbon removal by taking away the nitrification and denitrification because the error is related to the S_NO, so maybe the concept I am applying is wrong.