Hi everyone,  I am new to using WEST and encountering an issue while attempting to model a batch-fed biofilter with resting periods. After the start of the steady state simulation, when the time was 0.1222 d, I encountered the following error message: "System error: Error while executing simulation experiment, reading input file, or evaluating lower and upper bounds".  I didn´t encounter any issues when uploading the influent file, and I was able to successfully generate both steady state and dynamic in and out values.  I have double-checked my input file format and reviewed the simulation settings. Despite these efforts, I am still unable to proceed with the simulation.  If anyone has encountered a similar error or has insights into resolving this issue, I would greatly appreciate your assitance. Additionally, any tips or guidance on modeling batch-fed biofilters in WEST would be immensely helpful.  Thank you in advance!  Belén Arévalo