• Adversion-Dispersion with MIKE URBAN

    I am trying to model water quality with a ECO Lab template in MIKE URBAN, using the 1D engine. Initially i have to make the AD module work, before the ECO Lab template can be applied. So the following only concerns the AD module.

    I am trying to attach polluting components to the DFW, defined in the network boundary conditions. I followed "7.4.7 - How to attach a pollutant concetration to a network load" in the CollectionSystem Manual. The polluting components have been defined under "AD Components" as well.

    For some reason i receive following error:
    "ERROR. Unexpected exception occurred. Please see log file for details. Exception message. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    It seems like a value is missing somerwhere (being <NULL> at the moment), but i have no idea where.
    Have anyone experiences similair problem, and know how to solve it?