• Re: Recharge Time-Series

    Dear all,

    I used the methodology presented above.  I calculate daily recharge from rainfall and irrigation for a period of 8 years using a 1D vertical variably saturated model and then I would like to implement the recharge in my 2d horizontal FEFLOW 7 model with about 250'000 elements.
    To achieve this, --> I generated time-series with recharge data --> I selected source/sink --> I selected elements for which the recharge corresponds --> I validated with the "green check". It works but it takes a lot of time about 5 hours.
    The problem is that I have more than 200 areas with different recharges and in the future, I would like to implement the recharge for more than 100 years. It will [u]take a lot of time![/u](probably several days). Therefore, I wonder if there is another, faster solution to implement daily recharge?


    Best regards,