• Multilayer well radius effect on simulated results

    Hi all,

    I´m trying to set different multilayer well BC to test how the well radius affects the hydraulic head results. Is it posible to stablish different radius values to different wells? I do not manage to set it.

    And, does it influence the depresion cone created after pumping?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Observed vs. simulated hydraulic head

    Hi all!

    I´ve come across with the doubt about the difference about comparing simulated head values on a slice node and FreeXYZ node.
    If I´m working with a free Surface model, is it recommended to use a freeXYZ option? which is the advantage?

    From my point of view, if I create an observation point in the topmost slice´s node, the simulated head at this point would be comparable to my field data, wouldnt it?

    Can anyone tell me if I´m wrong, please?
  • Re: Time varying BC and pumping rates

    Thank you very much Bjorn! The selected edge doesnt have any other BC. In fact, this error appear when I try to change the time serie, but if I delete the MLW and I load the serie I need, there is no error message. So, this solved!
  • Re: Time varying BC and pumping rates

    I see..Thanks!!
    The problem is that I wasnt loading the time series first.. After loading them, of course they appear in the drop-down menu :)

    In this context, I´m getting an error when I try to stablish MLW properties that sometimes appear, sometimes dont..and I dont get to understand where it comes from.
    It says Verify assigment-Invalid Data. At least one node belongs to at least two multi-layer Wells.

    But, int fact, I´m just selecting one node.. Any suggestion, please?

    Thank you,
  • Re: Time varying BC and pumping rates

    Thank you Bjorn very much for replying.

    I read the tutorial but it still seems a bit confussing to me. If I´m not wrong, the only difference between a well and a multilayer well is the source of the pumping, right? Which is, a given node in the case of the well, and every node of a vertical or whatever is selected from the multilayer well editor, right?

    Then, in the case that I want to create a link via parameter association dialog, I need a map (a shape file) in which I manually input every parameter needed in feflow, right?
    But, if I want to define the pumping rate manually, I do not see where I need to stablish the link to the .pow file.

    * In the case of a [b]well[/b], I dont see where I can choose the time varying option, where is it?
    * In the case of a [b]multilayer well[/b], I enter the MLW editor and clicking in the capacity box, it changes from constant to time varying symbol, but, where do I need to select the .pow file I have defined for the well?

    Thanks again!
  • Time varying BC and pumping rates

    Hi everyone!

    I´m new using Feflow.. and some doubts have appeared..

    First, how can I set a time varying pumping rate to a multilayer well? I have read some documentation and I reached to the conclusion that I need to create a point in a shape file from the multilayer well in order to enable the "link parameters" option. And then, link the rate of the multilayer to a given .pow file. But I don't see how I can do it... Is this the right procedure?

    Similarly, I´d like to establish Hydraulic Head BC in a boundary following a river which is quite close to the sea. Thus, I thought about setting a time varying HH-BC. How could I define this condition?

    Thanks in advance!!