• Re: Re-meshing

    Hello Bjorn,

    I´m trying to remesh by the TetGen tool in feflow.

    As you suggested, I carry on an elemental selection, I understand that this selection can be done in any of the layers of the model. In this case, as I want to study the heat transport in horizontal direction, I make the selection by a lasso in the topmost layer and then I copy the selsction to the rest of the layers.

    Then, I open the meshing panel and I drag and drop from the Selection panel the selected element to the Mesh ítems in the meshing panel.

    But here there are many options, and letting the default values something seems not to be working fine.
    If I press to Generate Mesh, the selected elements dissapear from my Mesh view and in the entities panel each layer is converted from "Layer 1" to "Top of Layer 1" + "Bottom of Layer 1".

    Please, can you tell what I´m doing wrong and what should I define in TetGen properties so that I obtain the remeshing right?

    Thank you very much,
  • Re: Sensitivity analisys Heat transport

    Thanks Bjorn,
    But, it is not strange that no matter the values I use for different parameters the outlet is identical?
    I´ve tried changing the thermal conductivity of solid and fluid and also the volumetric capacity of solid and fluid, but nothing changes. So I guess something is not working..

    Is there any way to obtain an output file with actually used parameters? It is like the values I´m using are not well read or there is something that disables or camouflages the impact of the changes..

    Do you have any suggestion?

    Thank you again,
  • Re: Sensitivity analisys Heat transport

    I would like to add the following:

    I remember having checked the outlet and average temperature plots of the BHE and they were identical. But in the latest simulations they are not equal, which doesnt make much sense, right?

  • Sensitivity analisys Heat transport

    Dear all,

    I ´m trying to carry out a manual sensitivity analysis in order to check which are the parameters most affecting my model.

    I have a borehole in the model and changing the Heat transport parameters (and keeping them constant throughout the model) I check the BHE outlet temperature.

    I noticed a significant change when I modified the overall ground temperature, but when changing the volumetric heat capacity of fluid and solid and the termal conductivity of fluid and solid, I do not see any change in the simulated results. For instance, I have ranged the conductivity of solid from 3 to 200 J/msK but nothing changes...

    I guess I´m doing something wrong but I dont see where.. do you have any suggestion?

    And, which are the most sensible parameters in your models when simulating BHEs?

    Thank you very much in advance,
  • Re: Checking BHE outflow temperature

    Thanks Bjorn, I already have cheked the different options.
  • Re: Re-meshing


    Yes, thats it. if, for instance, I had only one well in my first mesh but I need to define new wells and then, I should refine my mesh, how should I do this?

    Thanks again,
  • Re: Re-meshing


    Can you explain, please, which is the fastest methodology for doing so?

  • Re: Visualizing inner part of a fem

    I see.. thank you very much!
  • Checking BHE outflow temperature


    I´m simulating a TRT test in order to check my model.

    I do not have any monitoring well in the surroundings so I wonder if it is possible to check the temperature of the fluid getting out from the Borehole heat exchanger (a coaxial in this case).

    Thanks in advance,
  • Visualizing inner part of a fem

    Hi all,

    Please, can anybody explain how can I visualize the inner part of some layers leaving the bottom-most layers? I attach a picture in order to let this question clearer..

    Thanks in advance!