• Re: Importing z-coordinates

    Dear Peter

    I already fixed the identical points error, but now I have another problem with z-coordinates: it doesn’t work!!!

    I follow all steps indicated in the user manual/tutorial/demonstration exercise and all I get is the same z-coordinate in all nodes.

    Is it because I’m using a *.dat file, instead a *.trp? What else can I doing wrong?

    Thank you.

  • Importing z-coordinates

    Dear all.

    I’m using FEFLOW v.5.2 for groundwater flow modeling for the first time and I’m experiencing very elementary problems. When I try to import z-coordinates from a  *.dat file, obtained from a *.dxf file, I get a error message: IDENTICAL DATA POINTS: npd = 43855 p1=45 p2=67
    xd=3070.48 yd=2689.2

    I don’t know how to locate this error and how to fix it.  :'(

    I'm looking forward for answers and I will highly appreciate all all of yours help...

    Thank you. ;D

    Glaucia, Sao Paulo, Brazil.