• Re: Problem understand about Time series

    Thank you so much! I will try it and if have problem, please help me. Now i'm learning FEFLOW model and I want to know more than how the model simulation use time step. It will help me have exactly result when use this model! Best Regards!
  • Problem understand about Time series

    Hi Everyone. I want to ask about time series when import to Time series in FEFLOW. I have data annual rainfall of month of station with unit is (mm). I want to ask exactly how to convert data from mm before import to FEFLOW with set unit is mm/a. Because when i import data from .pow the value is only 0.000352 (no unit) and after assign time series for "in/out flow on top/bottom", the value show in the model is 128.6 with set unit (mm/a). And one more thing, If the total rainfall in 1 year is 1843,3 mm, when I build model with time step is 30 day, "in/out flow on top/bottom" use unit is mm/a for 30 day. After 1 year in model simulation, the total 12 step by 1843,3mm right? Thank for your answer!
    Example: Help me convert data mm -> value before import to model!
    Jan 128.6 mm -> ?
    Feb 2.8 mm -> ?
    Mar 1.6 mm -> ?
    Apr 20 mm -> ?
    May 9.4 mm -> ?
    June 103.7 mm -> ?
    July 14.0 mm -> ?
    Aug 51.1 mm -> ?
    Sep 235.5 mm -> ?
    Oct 476.7 mm -> ?
    Nov 462.0 mm -> ?
    Dec 337.9 mm -> ?
    Total -> ?