Hi, I have been practicing the FEFLOW introductory tutorial. In this, they are using file such as conduc2d.trp (file containing details of conductivity) and observation_wells.dat which falls under the category ASCII Triplet file and ASCII Table files respectively. How do we create such files? We use Arcgis for shapefiles, but how do we create ASCII type files for inputting? Thanks in advance

    Thank you, but I had already referred the above mentioned exercise. But I am still having the confusion that is how did you decide the elevations for slice 2, 3 and 4? In the xlsx file (elevation file) from the exercise, the slice number 2 is given suddenly from the 536th row in the excel file. How can we decide that the slice number 2 is going to come from the specific elevation? How do we assign slice number to the elevations?

    Hi, thanks for the response, but I already have the X,Y and Z coordinates in an excel file, now I need to assign the slice number to them accordingly, but I don't have any clue how the slice numbers are assigned. So if you have any tutorial or guide for assigning the slice numbers, please let me know, this would be a great help.

    Hi,  I have been trying to upload elevation data to my FEFLOW software, but it seems that the xlsx file need columns with data like X,Y, Elevation and Slice. I have extracted a kml file from google earth, then converted it into gpx file using GPS visualizer and then converted it into csv file using TCX converter. But the final file is having columns with headings Latitude, Longitude, Altitude etc. but not the X,Y,Z and Slices. Please help me with creating the elevation data format used to load in FEFLOW. Any small help is appreciated.