How to get started with MIKE Metocean Simulator?  

MIKE Metocean Simulator is a Cloud based wave modelling tool that empowers offshore energy and port professionals of all skill levels to effectively assess wave conditions in both nearshore and offshore environments.

MIKE Metocean Simulator is sold as a subscription package including a one user MIKE Zero desktop package with MIKE 21 spectral waves and a 2 user Cloud package with MIKE Metocean Simulator, Mesh Builder and Datalink for a fast and user-friendly model setup. 

For the first-time user, you will receive a credential including username and password for MIKE Zero and an E-mail invitation for the Cloud portion. If your purchase includes a bundle of credits, they will be filled up automatically into your credits account under MIKE Cloud admin.  

How to start?

#01-Activating your Cloud access
As a Cloud-based product no installation is required.
You just need to activate a link sent by Microsoft. Please trust the invitation to join MIKE Cloud by DHI. Multi- Authentication is required and see the step-by-step video in this link How To Install and Use Microsoft Authenticator - YouTube 

If you are already a user on MIKE Cloud, you can access the product app. directly from this link: MIKE Cloud Admin ( 


#02 - Activating your desktop product access (Optional)
If you prefer to build a Mesh and view results from a desktop product the latest version of MIKE Zero can be downloaded here.
The username and password for your desktop license will be sent via a seperate mail. Please note they are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as is, with no spaces. *
It is also recommended you change your password right away after the first-time login. Changing your password can be done from the internet license portal found here.


#03 - Start from creating a new folder - see Fig. 1.
Once signed into MIKE Cloud then locate the icon ' Metocean Simulator'. For a new user you will start creating a folder by clicking this icon


Fig. 1 - Sign in to MIKE Cloud, and then create a new folder

#04 - Click on 'Start Simulator' - see Fig. 2.
'Start Simulator' entry is only visible from your own folder. 

Fig. 2 - Start the tool


#05 - Begin with a mesh - see Fig. 3.
You can import a mesh from other Cloud folders ,'Upload one from desktop' or draw a Mesh from scratch. 


Fig. 3 - Import, Upload or Draw a mesh


#06 - A progress bar shows the status from start to the end - see Fig. 4.

Fig. 4 - Follow the process bar on the status 


#07 - Setup parameters for each step, for example Points - see Fig. 5.

Fig. 5 - Set up Points and other parameters 


#08 - Follow the progress bar to 'Run the simulation' and view the result with your selection - see Fig. 6.

Fig. 6 - Export your results to ' MOOD' or MIKE Zero 



Manuals and Release Notes

Step by Step guide - MIKE Metocean Simulator

How To Install and Use Microsoft Authenticator - YouTube 
MIKE Cloud Admin ( 



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