Why do I have to send the complete model setup for technical support?

When a technical support issue can be resolved without looking into the model, we will refer the end user to a similar example in the user guide. 

If the technical issue is unknown and complicated, we will ask to have the complete model setup sent. The complete model setup includes:

  • Selection files 
  • Result files
  • Log files 

You may share the model setup via a link, 'Bluewhale' or upload it to our FTP site.  The model setup will be removed after 5 days and will only be used for technical support.  Please refer to 'Confidentiality' -Chapter 10 in the license agreement and terms here: MIKE-License-Agreement.pdf (

When you upload the model setup, enter this address using 'File Explorer'.

Include the username and password as follows:  

Username: tea42
Password: with-Milk

Create a new folder, upload your files and then send the folder name back.

MIKE License Agreement
DHI License Management User Guide