Why do I have to send the complete model setup for technical support?

When a technical support issue can be resolved without looking into the model, we will refer the end user to a similar example in the user guide. 

But sometimes the technical issue is unknown and complicated, we will ask to have the complete model setup sent. The complete model setup includes:

  • Selection files 
  • Result files
  • Log files 

You may share the model setup via a link, 'Bluewhale' or upload it to our FTP site.  The model setup will be removed after 5 days and will only be used for technical support.  Please refer to 'Confidentiality' -Chapter 10 in the license agreement and terms here: MIKE-License-Agreement.pdf (

Our technical supporter will contact you with the folder name, site address and password in terms of uploading your model setup. 


Manuals and User Guides
MIKE License Agreement
DHI License Management User Guide


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