How can I execute my numerical model via MIKE Cloud Execution?

The way of working with and executing model setups via MIKE Cloud is slightly different for the modules in MIKE Zero, MIKE+ and FEFLOW, respectively.

In all cases you need to login to MIKE Cloud and have pre-purchased credits to run the simulation.
For MIKE Zero the model is automatically uploaded to the cloud via the "Start Cloud Simulation.." entry in the MIKE Zero shell - see Fig. 1. You can also enter the model setup directly in the Cloud Simulation Launcher.
Fig. 1 - For MIKE Zero use "Start Cloud Simulation.." 
For MIKE+ please export the model first to e.g. .m1dx (or initiate and stop the simulation on the desktop to make the file) and then load the setup file into the Cloud Simulation launcher
Fig. 2 - For MIKE+ export the model first to e.g. .m1dx
For FEFLOW there is a Cloud Simulations panel the user can activate /deactivate, wherefrom Cloud simulations can be started.
Fig. 3 - For FEFLOW a Cloud Simulations panel can be activated/deactivated

Manuals and User Guides
MIKE Cloud Execution.
MIKE Cloud Documentation Library.

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