Which hardware does DHI recommend to use for running MIKE software?

Unfortunately, DHI cannot recommend any specific hardware as we are unable to test all hardware setups.

The minimum hardware requirements can be found in the Release Note issued for the relevant release. The release notes can be accessed during installation or on the official MIKE Powered by DHI download webpage 

The general recommendation from Nvidia is to use their Tesla line of cards for running numerical simulations, as these cards are built for exactly this purpose. The Tesla V100 and the Tesla A100 are the newest of their high-performing GPUs.

The cheaper GeForce line of cards, which is designed for gaming, may be an attractive alternative from a price/performance perspective. Since these cards are designed for gaming, the life span and fail ratio might not be as good as the Tesla line.

If you are also interested in our guidelines and benchmarking for GPU Cards, click on the MIKE 21 GPU webpage. Please note this documentation does not give the latest version.

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