How do I install an update? 

Note: Updates are product specific. 

You have the following 2 options:

#01 – Download the Update from the official MIKE Powered by DHI download homepage  
Updates are embedded in the latest version of the full MIKE installation. When you run the full installation, it will detect that you already have the related version of MIKE product installed and it will only update the necessary files (i.e., it will NOT re-run the entire installation). Accordingly, there is no need to uninstall the existing MIKE product after downloading the update.

#02 - Use the "DHI Software Updater" 

The "DHI Software Updater" is a tool included in the DHI License Manager installer. The tool is designed to detect the current version of MIKE installation and will automatically perform a software update. The DHI Software Updater is not able to update from one major version to another – it can only update an initial major version to an update version – e.g., MIKE 2023 to MIKE 2023 Update 1 or MIKE 2022 to MIKE 2022 Update 1. 

MIKE Powered by DHI download homepage