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    2D and 3D-control in FEFLOW

    Suggested by Christoph Möbus New  5 Comments

    - In 2D-mode (slice, mesh) it would be a lot more intuitve to zoom in and out with the middler mouse button as every other windows programm (apart from FEFLOW) does; the same with movement of the view with the arrow buttons -> FEFLOW is also not moving in the intutive direktion and as every other windows programm does

    - In 3D-mode also a more intuitive view control would be very helpful and especially to be able to use all the major view controls like zoom in/zoom out, move forward/move backward, change view position and angle with only the mouse and some additional keys (STRG, ALT, Alt GR) and not having to change the tool (zoom in, zoom out, pan, rotate) - to the developers: have a look at the integrated view control in Google Earth - its intuitiv and almost perfekt

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    Time series seawater head

    Suggested by Razi Sadath P V New  1 Comments

    it will be nice if it is possible to assign a time series seawater head in boundary condition. for now we can add as constant only

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    Deactivate Discrete Features

    Suggested by Peter Schätzl New  8 Comments

    It would be nice to have an option to set discrete features to 'inactive', the same way as regular finite elements can be deactivated. For sceario simulation, DFs would then not have to be removed from the model and added again.