Hi guys,

I'm new at trying out BW and I'd be pulling my hair out if it were long enough.  I've been trying to add a porosity layer and I have followed the steps in the Step by Step manual, but it keeps throwing the following error:

[size=8pt][font=courier] Axis  Sets  Interval  Axis origin  Unit
    1  1100          2            0  meter
    2  1350          2            0  meter

  Item name            Item type              Minimum    Maximum Missing Unit
  Porosity            Porosity Coefficient        0.6        10      0 ()
_SetupPorosity: porosity value outside interval 0.2<=n<=1[/font][/size]

I've compared my dfs2 file with the Kirkwall samples and it looks the same so I can't figure out what's going on.  Could anybody provide some insight on this? I've uploaded my dfs2 file in a zip file for reference.