• Particle Tracking

    Hi all, I'm kind of new to the PT module and was wondering what would be the best way to analyze an accidental dump of, for example, 1 cu.m. of silt?  I don't think it would be technically feasible to actually model the actual number of silt particles in 1 cu.m. as it would result in way too many particles. 

    To estimate the actual concentration, would it be better to input the Mass as "Total Emitted Amount" and then just have a high number of particles?
  • Re: Negative current speed

    What boundary conditions did you include?
  • Re: Abnormal Oscillation near the tidal boundary

    Are you applying a flather condition to your boundary or just water levels?
  • Re: Illegal boundary

    What module are you running?
  • BW Porosity Frustrations

    Hi guys,

    I'm new at trying out BW and I'd be pulling my hair out if it were long enough.  I've been trying to add a porosity layer and I have followed the steps in the Step by Step manual, but it keeps throwing the following error:

    [size=8pt][font=courier] Axis  Sets  Interval  Axis origin  Unit
        1  1100          2            0  meter
        2  1350          2            0  meter

      Item name            Item type              Minimum    Maximum Missing Unit
      Porosity            Porosity Coefficient        0.6        10      0 ()
    _SetupPorosity: porosity value outside interval 0.2<=n<=1[/font][/size]

    I've compared my dfs2 file with the Kirkwall samples and it looks the same so I can't figure out what's going on.  Could anybody provide some insight on this? I've uploaded my dfs2 file in a zip file for reference.
  • Re: Plot Composer Plot Area

    Good morning; wow that was actually quite simple! I didn't think of trying it that way. Thanks!
  • Plot Composer Plot Area

    Hi guys, I'm kind of new to plot composer and I have a pretty simple question.  For a given plot object, how can I change the Plot Area?  To simplify the explanation, I've attached a figure. The Plot Object is tall and narrow, but the actual plot area is still short and wide, which I want to change. Is there an easy way to do this, or would I have to edit the .plc file in notepad?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Re: Maximum/minimum Speed with corresponding Direction

    Good evening Christian,

    Ah so I was correct that there is no built-in thing for this.  Thanks for the input!
  • Maximum/minimum Speed with corresponding Direction

    Good morning everybody,

    I've been trying to find this on the web but I can't get any good results so I'm sorry if it's a pretty simple answer.  Is there a way to get the statistically maximum/minimum current speed from a dfsu file BUT with the corresponding direction still attached?  When I do the simple Compute Statistics from the Data Manager for the speed, it decouples from the vector direction so it always just gives me a current going due north.