Posted Sat, 19 Nov 2016 07:15:02 GMT by Suruchi Aggarwal Research scholar

While running MIKE11 Energy Eq. with Time Dependent Failure Mode and NWS Energy Eq., I am getting Error No. 92. Can you suggest me to remove this error? In Erosion based failure mode, everything is ok.

Error no. 92: The dambreak structure at L001: 325.000 meter.
                      is defined with time dependent failure mode but there
                      is no corresponding specification in the Boundary-file.

I have already provided the time series with new boundary condition called Structures< Dambreak. Time series is containing three fields:Dam breach level, Width & Slope (all in non-equidistant relative axis).  I have given cross-section at 0.00 and 3000.000 meter. I am also giving a weir at 325.00 meter. (no cross-section at 325.000 meter & L001 is the name of river)
Posted Mon, 28 Nov 2016 09:23:19 GMT by Mathieu Hellegouarch
The problem could simply be that you haven't specified a structure ID.

When working with a dambreak structure, the ID is mandatory, and must be specified both in the *.nwk11 file, and in the boundary condition file. If you haven't specified one of them, or if they don't match, then you'll get this error.

The aim of this ID is to allow multiple dambreaks at the same location: therefore you're allowed to have multiple dambreaks on the same branch and chainage, and the ID is used to identify to which dambreak the boundary conditions apply to.

Best regards,
Posted Thu, 20 Apr 2017 06:36:03 GMT by Humayoon Rehman student

I m also facing the same problem.
in my network dambreak structure is at 25.000 meter while the error message appears as:

  Error No 92  : The dambreak structure at SSPR_DB01 : 50.000 meter.
                is defined with time dependent failure mode but there
                is no corresponding specification in the Boundary-file

The problem is persistent even when i use NWS DAMBRK eq.

please help me if you faced and resolved such issue.

Posted Sat, 22 Apr 2017 06:29:44 GMT by Aurelian
Dear Humayun Malik,

I think that the problem is related to location of your structures. It's important to have the same location for dam (usually, represented at least by a weir structure) and for dambreak stucture. Also, if you want to set the failure mode by providing time series for the breach level, width and slope, you have to have, in addition of river name and chainage, the same value at the filed "ID" in Dambreak Str. (nwk11 file) and at the specific boundary item at the field Gate ID (bnd11 file).

I attached 3 files in order to be easier for you to understand what I mean. The example I gave you is a working one from my past work.

Kind regards,

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