Posted Fri, 15 Jan 2016 15:04:12 GMT by Danilo Silva SEA
How to join pipes in MU?
Posted Tue, 19 Jan 2016 23:03:47 GMT by Brian Brenhaug Enterprise Water Systems Team Manager
I haven't found a way to select two consecutive pipe elements and have them join with the click of a button, which is what I'm guessing you're looking for. If there's a couple I usually manually merge them, changing the TONODE in one pipe element and deleting the other along with the intermediate node, then fixing all the parameters affected.

If you're doing this repeatedly, you may want to look into Mike Urban's Tools > Simplification... tool, which will merge pipelines for you based on criteria. The user interface is a little clunky (lots of steps), but it can do the actual merging, preserving the pipe element vertices. There isn't really a way to preserve MUIDs across this, so I find myself using ArcGIS Desktop's spatial join comprising a part of a line segment to get the old MUIDs back.
Posted Mon, 25 Jan 2016 15:05:56 GMT by Danilo Silva SEA
Is it posible to open and view two or more projects at the same time in Mike Urban?
Posted Mon, 25 Jan 2016 23:34:47 GMT by Brian Brenhaug Enterprise Water Systems Team Manager
No, I don't believe so. In my experience only one instance of the Mike Urban application will open and it can only load one model at a time. (Though they have a Close All and a Close toolbar button for some reason...this has made me wonder if there's some trick to getting a couple simultaneous models open). 

I sometimes use multiple instances of Microsoft Access to edit the Mike Urban model if I need to move stuff in between models and you don't need the geospatial component. You could also work in ArcGIS Desktop, which allows multiple instances. Another Mike Urban tool for working with multiple models depending on what exactly you're wanting to do is the Import/Export Tool with Backup/Restore Simple XML to move model elements between multiple models.

You can have multiple model simulations running, however. And you can edit separate model while a different one is running.
Posted Wed, 03 Feb 2016 19:09:00 GMT by Thomas Telegdy
Concerning the original question how to merge two consecutive pipes: This is possible, but only for Water Distribution, and the tool is well hidden.

[b](1)[/b] Select two pipes

[b](2)[/b] Go to Edit > Feature Edit > Merge Selected Pipes

That's it.

The node in between the two pipes will disappear, and with the node any demand associated to it.

Concerning the pipe attributes, I think MIKE URBAN preserves the values of the record higher up in the natural order of the database table. But you have to check and be cautious.

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