Posted Mon, 01 Feb 2016 11:30:22 GMT by Vesa Kolha

At this point I'm trying to model water distribution network with Mike Urban. I have tried to create two scenarios to the model: One for the present and on for the future.  With those two scenarios I'd like to perform the calculations with different water demand data.

In the scenario manager i have created own demand alternatives for the both scenarios and selected them for the scenarios. However when i change demand data in scenario 1 the change transfers also to the scenario 2. Could anyone help me with this problem? What could be wrong with my scenarios? How can I get own demand data for the scenarios?

Also, when I change the scenario in the scenario manager i get following error message: "There are errors in geodatabase which can cause unpredictible behaviour of ScenarioManager, or maybe data-loss. Please use Project Check Tool to correct these errors: Value in unique column(s) cannot be NULL: table=mw_MDemand, column1=JunctionID, column2=Sqn". What does this mean?

Vesa Kolha
Posted Mon, 01 Feb 2016 22:57:08 GMT by Brian Brenhaug Enterprise Water Systems Team Manager
Regarding the error message, you can try opening up the table mw_MDemand in something like Microsoft Access and look for nulls/blanks in the values in the two columns JunctionID and Sqn:

[li]JunctionID should be the MUID for the nodes to which the demand is assigned. If there's a blank in this column, try to figure out what node the demand should be assigned to and enter its MUID. [/li]
[li]Sqn is an integer, if there are blanks here and you have more than one demand for a node, just sequentially number them (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). If there are blanks here and you only have one demand for each node, just enter 1 so that it's not blank anymore.[/li]

If everything is empty in a row, it may have been added by mistake and can just be deleted.

I'm not really sure on the Scenario Manager part, it sounds like you're setting it up right. I have seen in MOUSE at least when it throws that error about the "unpredictable behavior" it gives up and doesn't actually change the scenario.
Posted Wed, 03 Feb 2016 19:17:22 GMT by Thomas Telegdy
I'm using the scenario manager if I change the network geometry, say add pipes or tanks. If the only purpose is to change the demands, I prefer using custom fields in mw_MDemand. This has the benefit that I can quickly compare the content of the "scenarios", because they are side by side. And activating a "scenario" is just a field calculation (or a saved SQL expression).

See [url=][/url]

The page is in German. Please use [url=][/url] or whatever tool you like.

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