Posted Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:24:46 GMT by Alireza Nickman
Hi !

I want to use "Kinematic Wave" method for the surface runoff model.
It is a bit confusing about defining the parameters. Specially the part that deals with "[b]Pervious: Low, Medium, High[/b]" .(Catchments -> Hydrology-MOUSE -> Parameter set)
I checked the Collection System manual and technical reference. But I couldnt find a clear direction.
Does anyone have any experience in using such method?

Posted Fri, 06 Apr 2018 15:46:03 GMT by Mathias Scherling
I'm trying to use it to in order to use the LID features of mike urban

but referring to your question. If you are used to the time-area method (A) the difference is that this model has 2 types of surfaces with 5 different characteristics.
Impervious steep is thought to represent roofs which are not horisontal and has no Surface storage
Impervious flat is impervious Surfaces that are flat and has a Surface storage
Pervious low to high are pervious Surfaces with different infiltration rates. Once the infiltration rate is exceeded you will have runoff. The infiltration "vanishes" from the model (i Think).

Have you by any chance been able to "translate" the concentration time from model A to the Length and slope of model B?

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