• kinematic wave method- Runoff Calculations

    Hi !

    I want to use "Kinematic Wave" method for the surface runoff model.
    It is a bit confusing about defining the parameters. Specially the part that deals with "[b]Pervious: Low, Medium, High[/b]" .(Catchments -> Hydrology-MOUSE -> Parameter set)
    I checked the Collection System manual and technical reference. But I couldnt find a clear direction.
    Does anyone have any experience in using such method?

  • Error 1320 !

    Hi !

    Have you ever faced an error in simulations, Nr 1320?  ???

    I have a simulation in MIKE Urban with 200 years rain, Varying Manning and 1x1 m resolution.
    Model crashed after the time which rain intesity starts to reduce.
    I received the folloving message.

    Error 90 : Calculations terminated at the time  2200-01-01 11:53:28 [ 0 : 00:53:28 ]

    Error 1320 : An error occurred in the MOUSE / MIKE 21 simulation.

    I will be grateful if you give a solution for this.