Posted Tue, 16 Oct 2018 15:52:07 GMT by Alexander Frank
Dear Support

I use Mike Urban 2014 (Mouse) and try to run a long term simulation (LTS).
For this i try to generate a job list (.mjl-file) via the Computation dialog.
(I also have already set start and top criteria and a prper .dfs0-file.)

But after computing i always get these error message back:
[li]Error 448 : Loading Project data (MEX).  [/li]
[li]Error 517 : No statistical result file will be written because specification filename (*.ERS) is not given. Please choose an *.ERS file on the computation dialog.[/li]
What should i do?
How coudl i create an .ERS-file or filename?

I found no solution or proper description of how to do it wether on the internet or any possible dhi database or tutorial/doocumentation. Could please somebody help me with this case?


Posted Thu, 18 Oct 2018 09:50:53 GMT by Ane Mollerup
Hi Alexander

When running an LTS simulation you typically don't save your results very often. Maybe once every 24 hours, to keep the size of the resultfile down. Instead you create an *ERS file, which is the "User specified result file" you can read about it in the user guide for MikeUrban - Collection System.
First you create a file defining which result you wish to save. This is done in the Simulation dropdown -> Mouse Result Selection. There you choose which nodes, weirs, etc. you wish to have detailed results for.
When running the simulation you tick the "User-Specified"-box at the lower section in "Network parameters" and choose the file you have created.

I don't know if it will help with error messages, but hopefully it will get you further.

BR Ane
Posted Mon, 22 Oct 2018 07:28:41 GMT by Alexander Frank
Dear Ane

Thank you for your reply

I managed to edit the User specified result file and run the simulation in normal mode. But i still get Warnings:[list]
[li] Warning 510: No filenames for PRF result files were stated. No result files of this type will be written. [/li]
And if i want to run LTS i have to specify a .ERS-File. Is this the job list file?
Where in the computation dialog do i choose the .ers-file and the .prf-file?

Thank you for your help in advance


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