• Re: LTS Long Time Simulation, Creating Job List and .ers-file

    Dear Ane

    Thank you for your reply

    I managed to edit the User specified result file and run the simulation in normal mode. But i still get Warnings:[list]
    [li] Warning 510: No filenames for PRF result files were stated. No result files of this type will be written. [/li]
    And if i want to run LTS i have to specify a .ERS-File. Is this the job list file?
    Where in the computation dialog do i choose the .ers-file and the .prf-file?

    Thank you for your help in advance

  • LTS Long Time Simulation, Creating Job List and .ers-file

    Dear Support

    I use Mike Urban 2014 (Mouse) and try to run a long term simulation (LTS).
    For this i try to generate a job list (.mjl-file) via the Computation dialog.
    (I also have already set start and top criteria and a prper .dfs0-file.)

    But after computing i always get these error message back:
    [li]Error 448 : Loading Project data (MEX).  [/li]
    [li]Error 517 : No statistical result file will be written because specification filename (*.ERS) is not given. Please choose an *.ERS file on the computation dialog.[/li]
    What should i do?
    How coudl i create an .ERS-file or filename?

    I found no solution or proper description of how to do it wether on the internet or any possible dhi database or tutorial/doocumentation. Could please somebody help me with this case?