Posted Fri, 15 Feb 2013 18:20:49 GMT by Brett Laplante Project Engineer
Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this similar issue and know if there's a way to fix/prevent it from happening:

I'm working with a Mike Urban model developed by someone else, originally developed with Mike Urban 2008.  We are using MU 2011, so consequently had to update the geodatabase to the newer format.  We have done this with other models without issue.  However, for the two models developed by this other person, whenever I use the Open Editor tool on catchments, it cause Mike Urban to crash immediately, without fail.  This occurs regardless of how long MU has been open, which programs are operating in the background, anything.

My guess is that this has to due with a bug translating from the particular geodatabase version 2008.2.2 to 2011.3.2.  Otherwise, there is some corruption causing this to occur.  Does anyone know of a way to re-build the geodatabase to eliminate the corruption (besides Compact Database, because that doesn't seem to solve this problem)?

This is a particularly annoying problem as I use the OPEN EDITOR tool quite a bit.  I do know how to work around the issue, but I'd rather solve it.


Posted Mon, 18 Feb 2013 08:04:45 GMT by Thomas Telegdy
I'd suggest to create a new, empty database in MIKE URBAN 2011. Then use "File > Import/Export > Advanced > Append MIKE URBAN". This should import all data into a fresh database and perhaps solve the issues with your current database -- at least it did for me in several occasions.

This approach fails if your current database includes scenarios. "Append MIKE URBAN" only imports from the [i]active[/i] scenario, all other scenarios get lost.

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