Posted Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:46:15 GMT by Ronald Brown
I am in line for a computer upgrade. Std is now Intel Xeon Processor : 4C/8T  Model E5-1620  Speed 3.6 GHz  Cache 10 MB , Chipset Intel c602, 8 gig UDIMM PC3-10600 1333MHz Memory, Graphics Card - NVIDIA Quadro 2000  RAM 1GB  BUS PCIe x16.

Would upgrading to a faster Graphics Card ie: 2gig at 4000, and/or going to 16 gig of memory and/or increasing the Cache, speed up performance of Mike Urban? We typically have 5000 pipe and node models and run 4 day to 21 day simulations.

Posted Thu, 29 Nov 2012 08:28:35 GMT by Marcus Richter
the set-up your are already using today looks pretty good to me.
So far MIKE URBAN is not utilizing the GPU, so a faster graphic card will not speed up processes, also using 16 instead of 8 gig will not really improve the performance. The only thing I could think of is the processor, the faster the better.
Harddrive may have an impact on the performance but there are only minor improvements to be expected using a faster HDD, e.g. a solid state disk.

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