Posted Sun, 07 Oct 2018 17:14:49 GMT by Medria_85
Hi everyone,

I would like to know how I can properly set up the parameters of standard boundaries in MIKE Hydro. The source of water from all upstream chainage in the model is from rainfall. However, when I run the simulation, there is always an error message: "0 is defined as an open boundary in the model, however no open boundary is defined (EN_ERR_OpenBndMissing).

I have defined the parameters as follow:
Type: Rainfall
Location type: Distributed source
Input type: Time varying (with rainfall data- dfs0 file)

I wonder if there is another parameter that I have missed? I would like to know how to solve the problem.

Thank you very much


Posted Wed, 09 Jan 2019 07:12:22 GMT by Elias Moussoulis
Hi Medria,
This may come a bit late but it may also be relevant to other users. The error says there is no open boundary defined for the upstream end. A discharge (or water level) inflow boundary condition is required for the upstream end while a Q-H or water level boundary condition is required for the downstream end. The distributed source boundaries are considered as lateral inflow (or outflow) boundaries and so is rainfall. Normally rainfall is fed in a Rainfall Runoff model like NAM (is that what you wanted to do?) and subsequently linked with or fed into the 1D river model.
Hope this helps.
Posted Tue, 06 Jul 2021 19:58:03 GMT by Neetu Singh
Hi Elias,

You mentioned that either water level or discharge inflow boundary is required for the upstream end but what could be the possible ways to model if we do not have those data. Also, does the time period of the water level/discharge data should be the same as that of the simulation period.

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