Posted Tue, 08 Sep 2015 07:00:00 GMT by chochen
Hello, I`m working with .dfs2 files in Mike 2012 and i can`t find how to activate the table for editing the values of the file. When I open the .dfs2 file I just visualize the coloured image of it but I need the values in the table so I can edit them. I know that this is possible using a version of Mike 2004, it`s annoying beacuse i know this is a very simple problem but i can`t solve it.

Thank you at all and sorry for my poor english.
Posted Wed, 16 Sep 2015 18:47:00 GMT by Ricardo Machado
Hi chochen,

In MIKE ZERO there is more than one way to open a dfs2 file. On the right side pane, right-click the dfs2 file and alternately choose the various ways to open it until you find the one that allows editing. I'm sorry but I can't recall by memory which one it is and I don't have MIKE in front of me right now.

Best regards,
Ricardo Machado
Posted Fri, 25 Sep 2015 19:20:00 GMT by chochen
Thanks a lot Ricardo! I could solve it with your help!

Best regards,

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