Posted Tue, 03 Oct 2017 11:12:25 GMT by Cidem Argunhan Atalay
Hi ,

I am modeling 2D unsaturated model. My model calculated pressure quite high and I couldn't see the water table. I read from the forum, the reason could be the difference between local and global coordinate difference. My extend in y direction is between 850-1440 meters, I shift the local coordinate to y=0 from the window shown in figure. Is this all for the transformation, I mean is there any steps should I perform for the transformation??
The problem is that when I re-run the model it gives a huge error amount, what can be reason. I think I have to do something with the transformation but I don't know what. In the forum I saw a link related with the transformation but it is broken. Please help me.
Posted Mon, 09 Oct 2017 09:41:57 GMT by Björn Kaiser
Yes, the origin for 2D vertical models is quite important, because the head is based on a level over datum. In contrast, 3D models usually have implicitly this level in the input data. If you refer to sea level (0 m), I suggest to keep the origin at 0 m without any transformation or shifting. You simply need to assure that the y-coordinates (gravity axis) in the 2D Supermesh refer to elevations above sea level.

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