Hi all,
I am new to FeFlow, and I am designing a BHE in an area of thermal anomaly using FeFlow 6.1.
I am facing some issues with respect to the thermal loads to apply to the BHE: I have to associate the BHE to a building, of which I have the monthly thermal requirements in kW, (which I guess I can convert to MJ/d knowing that 1W = 1J / 1s). I am facing two problems:
i) Is "Power difference" the option I should use? I mean, is this the option to use when thermal power requirements (in power units like kW or MJ/d) from the ground are known?
ii) When I assign a time-series, like in this case I would assign the monthly thermal power requirements to "Power difference", which is the unit taken by the program? Is it the default unit MJ/d? Or can I switch it to kW somehow? this is because in the input box of the BHE Editor, when I change from constant value to time-series, the unit disappears. And what is the sign convention in this case? Should the values in the time series be +ive or -ive?
Thank you in advance to anyone who may help, that will be greatly appreciated!