Posted Tue, 13 Nov 2007 08:29:30 GMT by faby
How to save the different zones of hydraulic conductivity as a polygon file?
This is needed to use in Pest of FEFLOW
Posted Wed, 14 Nov 2007 13:29:01 GMT by Boris Lyssenko
You can either generate the files with ArcInfo or a text editor, or you can convert an existing *.shp file into a *.ply file by using the command line program shptoasc.exe in the /bin directory of the FEFLOW installation.
Posted Fri, 30 Nov 2007 04:24:53 GMT by faby
thankx. Now i could manage to make the polygon file but how to attibutue the data to each polygon, In the *.ply file there is no identification of polygon id then how to give the database attributes.
In the join command it asks for *.ffi file.
How to create this file?
pl do reply thanx
Posted Tue, 04 Dec 2007 19:59:06 GMT by Denim Umeshkumar Anajwala

Hey Faby,

what are you trying to do? It sounds like using a shape file would be a lot easier than a polygon file. Do you use a GIS that can export data to shape files? Shape files store both the geometric information (shape of the polygon) and the assigned attributes (in a linked dbf file).

If you are trying to join or assign data to conductivities, shape files will likely make your life a lot easier.

Oh ... I just re-read your original posting. PEST ... mh .. I would have to check if PEST can use shape files at all.

Posted Wed, 05 Dec 2007 03:35:38 GMT by faby
Hi Chris,
      Pl can u help me and tell if i am going in the right track with FEFLOW
        I need to study the contaminant transport in an area. So i start with 2d flow model for which  the study area (superelement-finite elemet) is created. I input the elevation. Then using the special comand i copy the elevation friges as *.shp file.
Now using shptoasc command i convert to *.ply as i plan to use the join command to use this *.ply file to incorporate the Kx values. (as i think kx can be linked with elevation -low for higher rocky mountains and high for the river side).
For this i need to create a separate datafile which has to be linked to the polygon file
here is my problem

Then i plan to check the kx using PEST then do 3d contaminant transport  etc etc

Warning-- I may post more question as i move forward in my modelling venture

Posted Thu, 06 Dec 2007 15:07:42 GMT by Denim Umeshkumar Anajwala


if you already have a shape file, why don't you use that for the join? You can do a join with a shape file just as well. Open your existing elevation shape file in your GIS, adjust it as needed, add a field for the K data, export it as a new shape file and use it in your join to set the Ks in FeFlow. That seems a lot easier (and more straight-forward) than using ply files. Either way, you need to manipulate the DBF file, since that's where the data is eventually taken from.  For working with shape files you'll need a GIS (I recommend Manifold GIS because it's very powerful, user friendly, and inexpensive!). The DBF is part of your shape file (which is really 3 files: shp, shx, dbf), so once you export your modified shape file with the K data, your dbf will be up-to-date automatically.

Good luck, Chris

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