Posted Tue, 03 Apr 2018 13:45:19 GMT by emilia novo
Well, I have a problem, that is when I am importing the recharge shapefiles into my model they don't follow the values and the areas for each value in my original recharge shapefile. This is a new value of recharge I am introducing into my model (to simulate a new scenario), once I am now modelling new steady state conditions.
So, in FEFLOW, I start by going to Maps screen, click to remove the file of my my former recharge, then select all and give 0 mm/year to the whole model. Then I introduce the new recharge file.
And then, when I compare what I have in FEFLOW and what I have in my SIG, I realise the distribution of recharge values does not match. For instance in FEFLOW several areas with recharge = 0 are generated and those are not in SIG, at least in the areas were they show up in FEFLOW.
So something is wrong and I can't figure out what.

[b]1st question[/b] - is this way of removing the former file and then putting values all to 0 mm/year the right way to ensure no previous data ars still lingering in the model?
2nd question - after putting recharge to 0 mm/year and then introducing the new recharge, should I choose any specific topology processing or something? I use the default values, that means: "no topology processing" and "no selection" (in the Default Link Selection)?

This is even more strange once when I entered the first set of recharge values (to simulate the present-day conditions) FEFLOW seemed to more or less follow the areas and values of recharge in my shapefile. It is when I delete the original recharge and introduce the new shape that the problem arises. What I am doing wrong?

Posted Fri, 06 Apr 2018 09:41:06 GMT by emilia novo
Well, a possible soution to this is by putting Snap = 0 m

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