Posted Wed, 05 Feb 2020 21:30:39 GMT by Francesconi, Matteo

Today I was checking the rate budget of a model (3d - 9 layers) and found out something strange.

The internal transfer rate for a selected area from top to bottom was less than the internal transfer rate of the same area but comprising just few layers. How can this be possible?

I haven't found any information about internal transfer rate online.

Posted Wed, 12 Feb 2020 16:14:22 GMT by Jintao Liu
Hi Mattheo,
it is hard to directly point out the reason. Are you using [b]subdomain rate budget[/b] or [b]Rate buget[/b]? Do you have DFE there?
Please note that the [b]subdomain budget[/b] is computed at the [b]perimeter [/b](lines in 2D models or areas in 3D models) of the element selection. However, [b]Rate Budget [/b]considers [b]all[/b](element selection :"surface"+ inside as well).

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